See how the Vanity&Co.
collections are made.

Vanity&Co. brand was made out of love for unique lingerie and jewelry. We have dreamt of creating something exceptional— hence the idea for attaching necklaces to bra straps.

Whilst designing our jewelry collection, we have primarily focused on capturing the extraordinary character of the Swarovski® crystals. Adding diamonds, we tried framing them in a way that would not only highlight the lingerie’s beauty, but most of all your own. Everything that we do, we do with you in mind. We want the products we make in our atelier to boost your self-confidence. It is this invisible strength, which brings a smile on your face, whilst looking in the mirror wearing an excellently cut lingerie with ideally picked jewelry. .


Top quality is our priority. This is why we use only noble materials for producing anything signed with the Vanity&Co. brand name: high quality laces, silver in 24-carat gold plating, Swarovski® crystals, and diamonds.


Over 100 hours of design work, several mannequins, even 200 prototypes and a numerous group of our wonderful friends, who have patiently tested each model. The outcome? Lingerie of supreme form, functionality and design— in our opinion.

03/Unique Jewelry Clasp

Vanity&Co. lingerie has a unique clasp, whereby each bra may be decorated with a necklace made from precious ores of the highest quality. This clasp has been created by our company and is the only such solution on the market. We have subjected its design to a patent process.

04/Vanity&Co. Jewelry

For the production of our jewelry we have used silver in 24-carat gold plating, certified Swarovski® crystals, including limited edition crystals designed by the Maison Margiela fashion house. Each necklace also has The Purest Drop of Vanity— a real diamond, which is the hallmark of our jewelry.

05/Swarovski® Crystals

The unique cooperation between Vanity&Co. and Swarovski® is a great honor for us, giving us endless possibilities to create. Out of thousands of patterns and colors of the Swarovski® crystals, we have chosen ones best fitted with delicate, lace lingerie. We are talking about the black crystals and their captivating mysteriousness. They are simple, but not trivial. Though sensual, they are not ostentatious. They add a charm to each bra, therefore each model is equipped with not one but two such stones, situated in a discrete place.

06/Vanity&Co. Pendant

Each brief and bra model has been decorated with the Vanity&Co. pendant, made specially for us from 24-carat gold-plated silver. It is to highlight the beauty of what often remains unseen covered with clothes.


Be it a sewing room or a jewelry atelier— each step of the production process of the Vanity&Co. collection is overseen by experienced specialists. Their skills, knowledge and unbelievable precision, transform our projects into top quality products.

08/Client Delivery

At Vanity&Co. we make sure that you are impressed by the product, but also the package it comes in. Your selection is always prepared for shipping in a special, particular way. The packaging we use for your order, has been designed for you to properly store your lingerie and jewelry. The Vanity&Co. drawers for shipping bras (as well as lingerie and jewelry) are hand-made. So are the envelopes, in which you will receive your desired briefs, or the boxes containing our jewelry. Attention to detail, an excellent finish and subtleness are the hallmarks of Vanity&Co.