Jewelry Vanity&Co.
A Unique Combination

Vanity&Co. is the only lingerie on the Polish market, which has a specially designed clasp on the straps. It allows for the bra to be decorated with a unique necklace, made for our brand by the best Polish jewelers.

Manual Finish of the Vanity&Co. Jewelry

When it comes to beautiful and perfectly fitting the body lingerie— we are the specialists. However, when creating the Vanity&Co. jewelry, we have decided to put our trust in the hands of the best: masters of jewelry from renowned Polish ateliers. This ensures us that our jewelry ideas are refined in every way: starting with the design, through choosing the perfect diamonds, up until an excellent manual finish of each, even the smallest detail of our necklaces.

Crystals Vanity&Co.

Out of hundreds of available colors and patterns, we have chosen ones that in our opinion represent true elegance and nobility— the black crystals. They are discretely hidden in the Vanity&Co. bras and beautifully exposed on the necklaces.

Vanity&Co. Diamonds .

They are a woman’s best friend, that is why we have made them the hallmark of our brand. To each of the necklaces we have added a small diamond, which we called The Purest Drop of Vanity.

Limited edition with
the Maison Margiela Crystal.
The Maison Margiela fashion house, known for its raw and ascetic projects, spent four years on designing their own Swarovski® crystal. As an effect, a stone was created into a true artistic masterpiece: futuristic, stalactite shaped with spectacular cuts.

Created by the design of the avant-garde Maison Margiela fashion house, the „Crystalactite” crystal was made using a pioneering Crystal Fusion technique, which does not require gluing.